Trailmaster reveals the ACTIVE POD Black Edition

Trailmaster founder Ian Allpress designed the ACTIVE POD trailer with a marbled grey tub for serviceability and appearance.

…but now admits the new ‘Black Edition’ range looks pretty sharp—especially when teamed with tangerine trims.

“I absolutely love it; I have my own ACTIVE POD fitted out with every possible inclusion, but I am looking very hard at upgrading to a ‘Black Edition’.

“The black really is a hit.”

Thanks to its modular components, you can mix and match colour schemes to suit your taste.

Inherently flexible, the ACTIVE POD Pioneer serves as a weekday workhorse and can take a roof-top tent, kayaks and bikes for your weekend camping adventures.

And, whether you’re carting tools or a portable stove, everything is well protected within the rain- and dust-proof tub and lid.


From the get-go, Ian knew what he wanted for the ‘Trailmaster’ ACTIVE POD trailer. 

Due diligence identified five key opportunities for the ACTIVE POD against competitor offerings.

Firstly, it had to be bigger, then it needed a way to support compartments, offer anchor points inside and tie rails on the lid and provide room for a full-length double bed.

Ian wanted a chassis that would allow bikes up front and provide easy access into the tub.


There are two chassis types available in the Trailmaster ACTIVE POD range—one is tailored for off road applications and includes a trailing arm suspension system.

Both chassis types allow for the retrofit of all ACTIVE POD accessories.

trailmaster active podtrailing arm suspension airbag opt

Springs or airbags are available as options on the off road chassis

In fact, mounting tabs and pre-drilled holes prior to hot-dipped galvanising allow for easy and DIY-friendly installation without compromising chassis integrity.

Fuel storage, gas bottle holders, 150L storage box up front, a bike carrier hitch are just some of the popular additions—as well as overhead mounting racks for a roof top-tent.

There’s even allowances for underbody water tanks on all ACTIVE PODs retrofittable down the track.

“The beauty of this is you can option up all the accessories as funds permit,” Ian explains.

What’s more, the standard drawbar measures 1.7m so that Trailmaster ACTIVE POD trailers are easy to reverse and tow. And on the Pioneer model it measures 1.9m.

Within the tub, there are five moulded slots allowing for adjustable compartments as well as the tie-down anchor point system rated to 230kg.


On a video tour of the facility, we also saw several exciting innovations undergoing development.  

These are based on the current chassis designs and will all be retrofittable easily.

But as these projects aren’t yet ready for launch, we will have to save them for another story.


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